Safeguarding and our Modern Slavery Act Commitment

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Safeguarding and our Modern Slavery Act Commitment

Futures Advice Skills and Employment is committed to ensuring that all of our customers supported by staff employed by us and by our subcontractors are safe. We have a safeguarding policy  in place that has been developed through the expectation that Safeguarding is everyone’s business.

Safeguarding is a broad subject and encompasses a range of issues taking place in society to shape safeguarding policy at a national level. This includes modern slavery, radicalisation, cyber bullying, forced marriage, and sexual exploitation. Safeguarding means protecting people's health, wellbeing and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. It's fundamental to high-quality health and social care and related advice services. Futures’ safeguarding arrangements relate to our customers, our staff and subcontractor staff (including volunteers). Our customers are young people and adults at risk. Safeguarding principles apply to all customers.

Futures is fully committed to making the principles of safeguarding a reality and to ensure it is embedded into all of our practices. Futures has in place a safeguarding Policy with a commitment to a whole company approach to safeguarding. We will ensure that all subcontractors also adhere to the principles of safeguarding as a contractual requirement. We pride ourselves on setting and implementing ambitious targets that actively promote the principles of safeguarding. To achieve this we have in place a Safeguarding Impact Plan with SMART targets for achieving our objectives so that we are in a position to actively demonstrate that staff and customers are safeguarded. Another priority is to ensure we adhere to the principles of the Prevent Duty around radicalisation to ensure the whole company understand their role in challenging this. If we know or suspect that a person is being abused, we will do something about it, we will report it to the relevant authority. Staff that need to report a suspicion of modern slavery or need advice are encouraged to contact the Modern Slavery Helpline.

It is a requirement for all subcontractors to have their own safeguarding policies and procedures in place and to have due regard of the procedures in this policy, depending on the contract they are delivering on behalf of Futures. Specific safeguarding requirements will be written into individual contracts with subcontractors where applicable e.g. In Custody provision. Subcontractors not adhering to safeguarding practices and principles included in their contracts will be in breach and contracts will be withdrawn. Failure to comply with the policy will result in an investigation and the company disciplinary procedures being instigated against staff if there has been a breach.

If you have any queries in relation to our commitment, please get in touch.

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