What delivering the National Careers Service means to us

Our view

Having delivered the National Careers Service across the East Midlands since its inception in 2012 and expanded our geographical coverage to cover Central Eastern England from 2014, we are proud to have made a significant difference to the work prospects of hundreds of thousands of people during that time.

The service provides careers information, advice and guidance to help people make informed choices about learning and employment.Through a combination of group sessions and one-to-one meetings, in many venues across the regions, we have so far assisted over 30,016 people into learning, training and work opportunities in the last 12 months alone.

Careers advice is a crucial part of everyone’s lives; it enables us to find out what work opportunities are available and how to take them. There is no doubt that the jobs we do have a significant impact on both our quality of life and the difference we make on a societal level.The government often talks about their aim to encourage ‘social mobility’ which, for us at Futures, means helping people to become aware of and able to access, all of the work opportunities available.

Although the National Careers Service is for anyone over the age of 18, many adults have negative preconceptions of careers advice provision, often established by the brief or non-existent experience of it when they were at school.This can make them hesitant to access the free, impartial advice and unconvinced of the subsequent opportunities it can bring. At Futures, we have worked hard to change these preconceptions, both through consistently high quality delivery of the service and by taking any opportunities we can to communicate the positive experiences of our customers, which we do through social media, newsletters, our website and traditional media outlets.

When people do take the step to contact us for help, through our website or by phoning 0115 9601597, they are often surprised by how helpful it is. For some, all that is needed is objective advice on how to improve their CV which leads to them receiving more invitations to job interviews. For others, their circumstances can mean that when they first come to see us, they are unsure about what kind of job they should be pursuing.

One area of our National Careers Service work which receives less publicity but of which we are also very proud, is our In-Custody provision. Our advisers work in 23 prisons in the East Midlands and Central Eastern England, supporting offenders with training and employment opportunities. This is key to them getting their lives back on track, and helps reduce reoffending, after release. As the government develops its plans for prison reform, we will work closely with governors to continue to support prisoners in the best way possible and, as a result, serving the community as a whole.

Our successful delivery of the National Careers Service is driven by our desire to ensure that all customers have the opportunity to develop their potential and reach their goals.