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Customer Care: helping people to help themselves

‘You can lead a horse to water’ is a phrase often used when someone has offered advice which hasn’t been taken. But while some people might be unwilling to accept advice, for others, the barriers they face can affect their ability to act on it. Providing quality careers advice is as much about the adviser’s skills in identifying and addressing the listener’s barriers as it is about a knowledge of,…

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The Apprenticeship Levy is coming; what it will mean for you and your business

Claire Penny at Futures Training explains the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, a key part of the government’s Apprenticeship Reforms, and what all employers need to know… Paying the levy becomes a legal requirement from 6th April for employers with a salary bill of over £3 million. However, employers with lower wage bills will still be able to purchase apprenticeship training. In fact, the…

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Apprenticeships: what you need to know

Victoria Endersby at Futures Training, explains why an apprenticeship might be for you. Today’s choices In the recent film T2: Trainspotting, Begbie is surprised to learn that his son is doing a college course in Hotel Management, replying that there was nothing like that when he was young. Although he might be misinformed on this point, he’s correct in his assumption that there are now more options…

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It’s all about the quality

As champions of quality careers advice and guidance we’re delighted to support National Careers and National Apprenticeship Week this year. This annual celebration helps shine the spotlight on a service that is increasingly being recognised as essential to the future success of our economy. It’s no coincidence that the Government Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships, Robert Halfon, has made…

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In Custody: Why quality careers advice is crucial

The purpose of prisonsIn its white paper on Prison Safety and Reform, released last month, the Government reported that “Once released, too many prisoners will go on to re-offend. Currently, almost half of all prisoners are re-convicted within a year of release.”There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the more support and rehabilitation a prisoner is exposed to, the less likely they are to re-offend…

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What delivering the National Careers Service means to us

Having delivered the National Careers Service across the East Midlands since its inception in 2012 and expanded our geographical coverage to cover Central Eastern England from 2014, we are proud to have made a significant difference to the work prospects of hundreds of thousands of people during that time.The service provides careers information, advice and guidance to help people make informed choices…

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