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In Custody: Why quality careers advice is crucial

The purpose of prisonsIn its white paper on Prison Safety and Reform, released last month, the Government reported that “Once released, too many prisoners will go on to re-offend. Currently, almost half of all prisoners are re-convicted within a year of release.”There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the more support and rehabilitation a prisoner is exposed to, the less likely they are to re-offend…

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What delivering the National Careers Service means to us

Having delivered the National Careers Service across the East Midlands since its inception in 2012 and expanded our geographical coverage to cover Central Eastern England from 2014, we are proud to have made a significant difference to the work prospects of hundreds of thousands of people during that time.The service provides careers information, advice and guidance to help people make informed choices…

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Quality careers advice is key to improving social mobility

Recent domestic and international events have led to much soul searching and analysis to better understand what’s driving the seismic change in our political landscape. I won’t rehearse all the arguments here, but I’d like to focus on one factor which has been attributed to both Donald Trump’s success and Brexit.Many blue-collar-workers in the US haven’t seen their salaries increase in real terms since…

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