Work Experience Really Does Work, get involved 2nd – 6th July

Our view

We’re working with the N2 Skills & Employment Board, to help more employers access the benefits of work experience and to facilitate social mobility.

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The N2 Skills and Employment Board works across partners, commissioners and providers to ensure that skills in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire labour market match the current and future needs of employers. Our vision for all people, across the city and the county, is to have as many meaningful experiences of the workplace as possible to create a more skilled local workforce and so more people successfully progress into employment.

Research indicates that work experience is a high impact programme with the following benefits for employers:

Benefits to employers:

  • Understand ‘Generation Z’ - obtain market intelligence
  • Talent pool - access to new approaches and creativity
  • Promote Apprenticeships (bring in new skills whilst saving money)
  • Build a workforce for the future - raise local academic attainment and employability skills, improve candidate motivation and attitude.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Create social value and help with social mobility to attract ethical investment and widen customer base
  • Increase diversity - bring in new perspectives to support innovative thinking

This week with working with local employers to:

  • Highlight good examples of businesses already offering meaningful experiences for young people and adults
  • Helping to improve the quality of existing work experience programmes on offer
  • Helping those not yet offering work experience, to design and develop a meaningful programme and overcome any barriers faced in delivery
  • Raising awareness of the benefits of widening access and promoting diversity in how businesses offer work experience, for example, moving away from only offering placements to friends and family of employees
  • Improve the skills attainment and employability of disadvantaged people

We want to get as many businesses on board to support young people and adults with any of the following experiences, of:

  • Block placements of one week with one or multiple employers
  • One day work shadowing opportunities
  • Site visits for individuals or groups
  • Classroom based placements on employer site (for business operating on construction or health and care sites for example)
  • Simulated activity on your businesses premises

The campaign is running during the week commencing 2nd July to highlight successful existing activity and to inspire local businesses to engage more people and offer something new.

Your business can get involved by joining the rest of the N2 business and education community online by sharing your work experience examples through social/digital media using #WEXworks.

We’re also keen to hear about other work-related learning events and activity outside this week, that we may be able to promote on your behalf.

Get in touch

For further information, please contact the Careers Inspiration team at Futures, or find us Twitter and LinkedIn.