Experience of Health and Social Care career opportunities for Nottinghamshire school children

Our view

Health and social care providers in Nottinghamshire have teamed up with local careers experts from Futures Advice, Skills and Employment giving young people and opportunity to understand the breadth of the career choices the health and social care sector can provide.

Students from Christ the King and The Ashfield School will attend a Health and Social Care skills show on Friday 6 October at the King’s Mill Conference Centre, King’s Mill Hospital in Sutton in Ashfield. There they will get hands-on experience across four workshops:

  1. Learning about the triage system, students will be able to perform clinical observations including testing blood pressure and taking temperatures
  2. Working with Cardiac Physiologists/Healthcare Scientists
  3. Students will learn about care values, communication skills, teamwork and patient care skills.
  4. Students will participate in tasks linked to Occupational Health, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Dietetics

The 6 October event is possible thanks to Health Education England, local NHS trusts (NUH, Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust, Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust, Nottingham City Care) and Sevacare who are all involved in the activities taking place. Nottinghamshire County Council has provided funding for the event.

Claire Knee, Careers Inspiration project coordinator at Futures Advice, Skills and Employment, says: “Young people often aren’t aware of the huge range of different roles within the health and social care sector. By running events like the one planned for 6 October, we hope to inspire school students, showing them that they too can have a valued and exciting career that makes a real difference to people’s lives. We are generating excitement and a sense of curiosity about job roles that aren’t always known about. We’re also helping young people understand that roles in all aspects of health and social care are obtainable through both traditional and new routes such as apprenticeships, including degree level apprenticeships.”