Inspiring careers in the NHS and social care

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Inspiring careers in the NHS and social care

Health and social care providers in Nottingham teamed up with local careers experts from Futures Advice, Skills and Employment to address staff shortages and tackle future recruitment needs in the sector.

Students from four Nottingham City schools attended a health and social care skills show on Wednesday 19 July at the Trent Simulation & Clinical Skills Centre (QMC campus). There they had hands-on experience of simulated surgery in an operating theatre, healthcare science and care activity as well learning more about roles such as:

  • anaesthetists
  • operating department practitioners
  • nurses
  • healthcare scientists and assistants
  • dementia care specialists
  • surgeons. 

This immersive and inspirational career learning experience focused on celebrating science and innovation in health and social care

There is currently a national pressing need to recruit more staff to work in mental health, urgent and primary care, emergency medicine, endoscopy, ultrasonography and radiology.

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Another barrier to encouraging recruitment is the perception that specialist roles in health and care provision are beyond the reach of many young people. By changing the perception of the sector and making it more accessible, young people may consider health and social care as a future career.

The 19 July event was made possible thanks to the Aspire project – Nottingham’s education business partnership - that brings schools into contact with real employers to inspire pupils about their future careers. Aspire is a partnership between Nottingham City Council and Futures Advice, Skills and Employment.

Claire Knee, Careers Inspiration project coordinator at Futures Advice, Skills and Employment, said: “Young people often aren’t aware of the huge range of different roles within the health and social care sector. By running events like the one on 19 July, we hope to inspire school students, showing them that they too can have a valued and exciting career that makes a real difference to people’s lives. We are generating excitement and a sense of curiosity about job roles that aren’t always known about. We’re also helping young people understand that roles in all aspects of health and social care are obtainable through both traditional and new routes such as apprenticeships, including degree level apprenticeships.”

Cllr Sam Webster, Nottingham City Council’s portfolio holder for Business, Education and Skills, said: “By exposing young people to positive role models within the NHS and care they have the chance to get an inside view of work within healthcare and an appreciation of the array of opportunities available. Health and Social Care can be one of the most rewarding and stimulating environments in which to work.”