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Meet the leadership team
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John Yarham - Chief Executive

John joined Futures in May 2013 from Nottingham City Council, where he was Director of Economic Development. With over 20 years’ experience in the employment and skills sector, John is passionate about supporting young people and adults into employment and supporting social mobility. His vision for Futures is ambitious, having already grown the company by a third from its position in 2013 and leading an increase in the number of individuals supported into jobs and other positive outcomes such as apprenticeships.

  • Emily Jones
    Director for People, Improvement and Partnerships
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    Emily joined Futures in 2004 from a teaching background and has had many roles since then including working on business transformation, change management and the implementation of the Central Eastern National Careers Service contract. Emily heads up the division that oversees business improvement, partnerships and people development. Recognising that all three facets are key to a thriving business, Emily is passionate about change, challenge and improvement and the role that the division plays to position the company in the best place for additional growth and service developments. Emily also leads the work Futures does with offenders across 23 prisons, supporting 15,000 people a year with their progression towards learning or work.

  • John Endersby
    Employment and Skills Director
    A picture of John Endersby

    John joined the company in 2008 as County Operations Director and prior to that had spent a number of years as a senior manager in Government planning and funding bodies developing and implementing education and training policy and managing annual budgets in excess £50m. John is now responsible for leading on employment and skills for the company. This includes managing the Futures Apprenticeships, which now employs 120 apprentices on behalf of East Midlands’ businesses and schools. John has also developed the Futures destination tracking service and Traineeship offer. It is his ambition that we are able to improve the employment prospects of young people and adults through these services.

  • Michelle Wright
    Operations Director
    A picture of Michelle Wright

    Michelle has worked in the careers sector for over 25 years and has extensive experience of helping young people and adults progress. She leads the Futures Operations Division, who deliver high quality careers advice/guidance and employability support to young people and adults across the East Midlands and Central Eastern Regions. Michelle has been very successful in securing and delivering key contracts to support young people and adults into employment. These include; the National Careers Service which has enabled over 20,000 unemployed adults across both regions to enter work; the Department of Work and Pensions Innovation Fund, which has helped over 2000 young people in Nottingham City to enter employment, the Youth Engagement Initiative, which has been very successful in helping 16-29 year olds, access employability courses and find employment. NEET levels in both Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have been lower than national comparators as a result of the work of Michelle's teams.